Do you want to go on an exciting adventure this summer? You are welcome to come to the student midsummer camp "No Signal" from June 21 – 24! Let's explain a litte bit, what this event is about..


Each year this event gathers dozens of students from different universities in Latvia. As we will be in Lagtale (East– Latvia) region, especially welcomed are students from Daugavpils University and Rēzekne Academy of Technologies! But, of course, everyone else, who are ready to come a bigger distance, are very welcomed! Also highschoolers and other non-students can join if they find the content of the camp interesting and are at least 18 years old!


Midsummer festival is one of the most important Latvian celebrations. In this camp you will have a chance to spend the midsummer night with dancing, barbecue and having lots of fun! It will be a great way to find out more about Latvian culture by celebrating together with locals.


This will be a great chance to meet new people, share adventures together and learn something new whether you have been to camps many times or this is your first one.


We will be by the nature so, hopefully we will leace our technologies at home and breathe a large amount of fresh air! We will disconnect from different daily life obstacles and try to connect with ourselves, with other people, with God..


We can say that, besides fun midsummer festival celebration, we will also have a challenging hike at the beautiful lake district – Latgale! Also different other free time activities – geocaching , learing Latvian dances, strenght competition for guys, etc. There will also be valuable things for the mind – optional seminars about such topics as relationships, faith, emotional health. You can find out more about seminars and free time activities here. Also each morning we will spend listening to thought provoking speeches from Miroslavs Tumanovskis – student work leader at Rīga Reformation Pārdaugava church and the founder of Chuck Norris boxing club ( After the speeches you will have a chance to share your thought about what you have heard by discussing it in groups with students from all around Latvia. And, of course, there will be other surprises too!

The camp is organised by Latvian Christian student fellowship, so some of the topics covered in the camp will be connected to Christianity, but all participants are welcome regardless their religion or conviction – consider it a chance to expand your mindset and learn something new! :)


This year the camp will take place in the middle of Latgale region – Aglona! It is a cery famous tourism site because of the Catholic Catedral, which is the center of Catholicism in Latvia. Find out more about Aglona here: We will be sleeping in the hospitable Aglona monastery hostel, on matrasses brought with us, or for those who will wish for more comfort, there will be a chance to sleep in beds. We will definately explore the amazing surroundings of Aglona – lakes, valleys and tourism objects! It will be great!


The price depends on where you wish to sleep and how early you sign up:   Signing up till May 31, sleeping on your own matress will cost 27 EUR, in bed 31 EUR. But from June 1 sleeping on matress will cost 32 EUR, in bed 37 EUR.


How to come to camp?

The arriving to midsummer camp will be the easiest for people living in Latgale region or those who have their own car. But if you are not one of those people, there are several options how to come to Aglona from Riga:

1) If it will be going in that day, you might try to catch the only Rīga – Aglona bus, however, the time might not be very convenient. The price is 8,90 eur one way.

2) With bus or train from Riga to Daugavpils and then change to bus Daugavpils – Aglona. Cost altogether in one direction is from 9,70 – 11,50 eur depending on the type of transportation.

3) With bus or train from Riga to Rēzekne and then change to bus Rēzekne – Aglona. Cost altogether in one direction is from 9,75 – 12,10 eur depending on the type of transportation.

Many buses stop at "Aglonas stacija" (10 km away from the camp place) not in the city center. If you are not in the mood for having a 2 hour hike in beautiful countryside of Aglona, don't worry – we will provide transportation from the stop to camp place!

More information about specific options of travel we will send for the registered participants before the camp. Don't forget to register!

P.S. There is also an option to hitchhike to camp – Latgale region drivers are usually kind and friendly!