More about internationals

What we are doing?

We are organizing different discussion, cultural, sport and chill events, national and international camps and trips in the best places in Latvia.

Why we are doing that?

Our goal is to provide area, where international students can build friendships and have fun , spend quality time and grow, discover new cultures and worldviews and freely express themselves and their vision for the world.

We aim as well to build bridge between Latvian and internationals and give opportunity of both sides to overcome the common stereotypes.

Who we are?







We are internationals (Galina from Bulgaria and Nenad from Croatia), who  experienced the challenges of living in another country.

We are volunteers in LKSB through the program “ERASMUS+” European Voluntary Service.

And we are open to meet any one international student, so don’t hesitate to contact us through phone or email 🙂

Nenad: +37124337898

Galina: +37120129478


To find out more about ongoing activities, check  our facebook group. 




Internationals in Riga meeting locals – a survey
“Maybe Erasmus students tend to think that Latvian people are colder and distant, but actually they are really nice, and if I don’t have close Latvian Friends is because I haven’t been with them at class, and also because they are studying harder than Erasmus do, so they can’t go out so often, and they already have their group of friends. But all Latvians that I have met, have shown interest in our Erasmus life and in how university works at our home countries.” /Spanish student at RSU/


We hope to help internationals students to get in touch with local people in Latvia, to develop friendships and learn the culture. And why we do it, see in the following survey.